When your soul is parched

Have you ever tried to quench a desperate water-thirst with milk, Coke, or coffee?

No matter how great our favorite beverages may be, nothing can take the place of water — that life-sustaining liquid that makes up most of our bodies… most of our planet.

Without it, we die.

How about your soul thirst?

When you’re parched, where do you run?

To temporary distractions? To your mate? Your friends? Who bears the weight of your expectations of renewal?

Join me at The Better Mom today, where I tell the story of my soul’s restoration.

Fisherman Boat on the Beach, Sri Lanka



2 comments on “When your soul is parched

  1. Wow. I am bawling. Yes, I’m parched. Thanks for this post today. Wishing things were different. Yet realizing, what if they never do change?? Am I willing to let God be God and lead me beside the still waters? Thanks Jennifer.

    • Hi Paula. I hear you. I too am wishing — right now on behalf of others — that so many things were different. It is just SO HARD when it looks like nothing will ever change. I pray for you, right now, that even if nothings changes, your soul is restored and your spirit renewed by God’s relentless goodness and mercy.

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