Tired of school yet? (What you need to know about God’s classroom)


I’ve been in school for over 36 years now.

Well, in God’s classroom.

Sometimes I ignore the homework and don’t study for the tests.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve enrolled in the wrong class, or if the Teacher has any sense of fairness.

“Really Lord? You want me to face this issue in the middle of all the other assignments you’ve given me?”

“Is it just me, or do the other students have lighter loads? I didn’t sign up for the AP class!”

“This text is really dull. There is no way it’s ever going to apply to my life.”

“Is this just busywork?”

“Do you realize you’ve scheduled all the exams in the same week? Are you trying to destroy me?”

Honestly, I’m hoping and praying that God releases me for summer vacation real soon! Anyone with me?

But when I think for a second about the care with which I educate my kids (Where should they attend? Should I home school? Which curriculum is best for each subject — each kid?), I’m reminded that my Heavenly Father is infinitely more concerned about our life curriculum.

The tedious hours of study, the timing of each quiz and test, the homework and special projects… all of it is meticulously planned.

  • All of it for my good.
  • All of it for His glory.
  • All of it for a reason.
  • None of it just busywork.

I don’t know what you’re going through, friend.

Maybe you’re in the first few weeks of His school, making new friends and organizing all your brand new school supplies.

Could be you’re bored to tears, looking out the window at the gray January sky, with no sign of a break in sight.

Maybe the tests you’re taking are shaking you to the core, and your whole future depends on whether you pass or fail.

Or perhaps you’re about to accept your diploma, but you have no idea where you’ll go once you step off the graduation platform.

(Maybe like me, you’re pretty sure you’ve covered all of those just this week.)

Our divinely personalized education plan comes with an unmatched perk though.

Our Teacher is also our Tutor.

We’re never left alone with our course load, our homework, our exams.

His Spirit is with us every step of the way, empowering us, energizing us, whispering forgotten answers into our hearts, encouraging us at the moment we’re about to drop out and give it all up.

What would we do without Him?

Lord Jesus, we need you. Sometimes we’re just weary of being in school. But right now, we want to say that we trust you. You have hand-selected every single test and lesson with us in mind. As stressful or chaotic as our course may seem, we know that you are allowing it for your good purposes.

Please fill us with courage and strength to press on.

Thank you that in you is every answer.

Teach us to abide in you. Truly, apart from you, we can do nothing!

In your precious name we pray, Amen.


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  1. So true. God never said it would be easy.
    Amidst all I go thru, God is still good all the time.
    Laura 🙂

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