The simple, amazing reason we will always be okay

The ability to praise Jesus when his wife entered Heaven;
The ability to pray for me even when her own pain surpassed mine;
The ability to cling to his Savior when his family was whisked away forever;

All of these… in my friends in their weakest moments.

All of it grace.

I hate the pain. Theirs. Yours. Mine.

My fury at Adam and Eve’s and my choices grow each day.

Everything in me wants to protect myself and those I love from sin and its consequences that are always uglier than we imagine they will be. For my sake and yours, I’d give just about anything to fast-forward to Heaven.

But we’re all right here, for now.

It’s easy to dwell on what hurts. But that’s not all there is.

There is also always grace! Beauty and peace that surprise us and cause our hearts to overflow even while they ache.

Lifting our eyes to the gift and Giver of grace is all the difference between cursing the mud puddle and marveling at the rainbow.

Sure, I’ve seen it rain hard. But I’ve seen grace pour down even harder…

  • Sustaining the generations preceding me, filling them with hope in the storms and teaching me to look up instead of down.
  • Breathing life into my friends as they fight for health, for their families, for holiness. Their circumstances could completely depress, but they cling to the Grace that was poured out for their souls.
  • Empowering my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, suffering for His name’s sake, yet somehow making choices of courage that baffle me. Only something — Someone — as incomprehensible as Grace could strengthen them.

And it’s in my own life…

  • In my past. The more chapters of my story that I type onto the page, the more His grace is revealed to me. Looking back brings miracles, provisions, and protection into a focus that was impossible to see when I was living it.
  • Today. Though I’ll probably understand it better tomorrow, I feel it right now, holding me up even when my mind swirls with questions and frustrations. Yet while I ask “why” or “how,” I rest on the promise that “all things work together for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28). The joy of the Lord is my strength.
  • In the future…? That’s the hard one. The temptation is always to doubt, to wonder. Will the grace be enough if or when…? I haven’t been in the future. But God has. He is. He’s the great “I Am,” just as present in the future as the past and present.

The most beautiful part of this grace is that it’s a promise.

It’s not just about what they or you or I think we’ve felt. It’s the words of God, written for you and me when everything else crumbles beneath us.

My grace is sufficient.

Thank you, Jesus, for your goodness to us, for daily pouring out favor that we could never deserve. You not only uphold us, but you make beauty from ashes. Your grace is more than enough!


*What do you know of this grace?


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2 comments on “The simple, amazing reason we will always be okay

  1. Reminds me of the verse in Psalm 23:6, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” I just learned that the Hebrew word for “follow” is “Radaph” which means to pursue, to chase, to nip at your heals”. God’s grace IS SUFFICIENT…and is continually pursuing us ALL the days of our life. Sure gives me hope and comfort for the future. Thanks for this beautiful reminder…I always need it 🙂

    • I learned that this year too and was SO blessed by that new insight!! There’s so much reassurance and peace offered in that one concept… amazing! Thanks, Andrea! 🙂

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