When Your Kids are Hurting: 4 things you can do to help

When Your Kids are Hurting: 4 things you can do to help

When You Can't Make Things All Better for Your Kids

There’s almost nothing worse for a mom than seeing her child in any kind of pain.

For some of us, it’s been the little things so far… the scrapes, the hurt feelings, the normal childhood disappointments.

For others, it’s been even deeper. Our kids have been through more than some adults we know.

But the Source of comfort is the same for all of us.

For some insights on how to help your hurting child find the comfort Jesus offers, click over to Club 31 Women.



For weary moms of littles

For weary moms of littles

When I was in your shoes (and my babies were in diapers), I didn’t want to hear it could ever get harder.

Don’t tell me to enjoy these days. Don’t tell me they pass by before you know it.

And please don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong!

The good news is, I survived. My kids are increasingly independent, and sometimes I can sit down now.

The ironic news? I wish I would’ve listened to more advice.

No, I still wouldn’t want to hear this would be the easiest phase of parenting! But I do wish I would’ve applied a little more of the “Titus 2” older woman wisdom.

Join me at The Better Mom today for three things I’d like to go back and change if I could… three things we can all still work on.

Press on, weary moms!

Let me know if I can pray for you today.


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