The kind of life you really want

The kind of life you really want

If life to the fullest is possible, why are so few of us experiencing it?

We’ve heard about a life of joy, peace, abundance, and purpose. But honestly, for most people, it’s elusive. And they wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy or trick, because so far it’s just been a mirage, disappearing the moment they think they’ve arrived.

And if that’s your story, you’re right. You’ve been misled by a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He’s been conspiring against men and women since the Garden of Eden. Trying to convince each of us that life to the full will only come to those who reach out and grab it for themselves.

Look around. The whole world is doing it — sprinting toward the mirage of abundance, so certain that true joy is just a few steps further.

But let’s not fall for it! True and abundant life is being offered…

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Life to the fullest

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