The One Thing I Don’t Want to Forget This Christmas

The One Thing I Don’t Want to Forget This Christmas

The One Thing

I’m guessing there are at least 47 things on your mind right now, Mom.

And if you’re anything like me, you may very well forget about things number 48, 49, and 50.

We have our limits! (Wouldn’t you like to shout that out to the world a couple times today?!) We’re going to blow it on a few things. Burnt cookies, a missed dentist appointment, overdue library books, an important Christmas card, a crockpot that never got plugged in…

It’s okay. Really.

I’d love to step into your messy kitchen, laugh with you at the chaos and then reassure you that you don’t have to do every single thing well right now. You’re going to forget about a few things, you’ll fail in a few areas, you’ll compare yourself to pinterest or your best friend or your mom and you’ll fall short. But guess what… the world will keep turning, and no permanent damage will be done.

You don’t have to do it all!

There’s just the one thing. The one thing I’m afraid I’ll forget. The thing you might forget too, unless we remind each other, over and over again.

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What is Christmas all about again?

What is Christmas all about again?


This is going to sound a little crazy.

I’ve set up a beautiful Christmas tree, I’ve shopped for my kids and extended family, I’ve baked Christmas cookies, and I’m kind of excited to find out what’s in the package my husband put under the tree for me. (That wasn’t the crazy part.)

While a big part of me gets on-board with traditional Christmas cheer each year, I remain a little conflicted.


Well, because there’s just nothing glitzy, fancy, and self-gratifying about Jesus making the epic sacrifice of being born in a stable, all for the purpose of growing up to die on the cross for me.

In light of such astounding love, where should my heart be right now?

Join me at The Better Mom where I talk about how feeling conflicted about Christmas leads us to what Christmas is all about.

Christmas Confessions Day 1: Not perfect

Christmas Confessions Day 1: Not perfect


Every time I share with you, my blog friend, I long to be perfect.

I want to express myself clearly, share just the right amount of struggle, and come to an encouraging conclusion.

What happens when I’m not thinking clearly? Experiencing too much struggle? Not yet at my encouraging conclusion?


But I shouldn’t be writing to impress.
We’re friends.
We’re pilgrims traveling this rough road together.
You don’t need me to have all the answers. In fact, I may need the answers from you.

We’ll never stop needing to point each other to the One, Only Answer.

Lately, I’ve been realizing afresh just how imperfect I am.

My sinfulness trips me up, shuts me up, and leaves me wondering what could I possibly be qualified to say?

But though the enemy whispers that I’ll never be perfect enough, the Holy Spirit turns my gaze to a star… a manger… a cross.

Christmas is all about me not being perfect — me seeing, confessing, and forsaking my sin; me falling before my perfect, fully adequate, merciful Savior.

Through December, I’ll be writing short confessions.

Simple reflections that reveal my need for the Savior whose arrival we celebrate.
And prayers. A lifting up of myself and of you, my friend.

As a fellow pilgrim, I can’t offer you perfect prose or perfect answers.

But I can walk beside you, sharing the truth of my neediness and His sufficiency, sharing a moment before His throne together.

Heavenly Father, thank you that you welcome the needy, sinful, and broken with open arms. I praise you for the gift of your perfect, all-sufficient Son, who cleanses me from sin and your Holy Spirit who empowers me to walk in the light.

Please give me — and my friend — eyes to see our sin for what it is. Let us not be deceived into believing we’re fine without you. Break down our facades of perfection and give us courage to admit our desperate need for you.

Don’t let us celebrate your arrival, your sacrifice unchanged.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

*Has your sin or a facade of perfection been holding you back from something? How can I pray for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts…