Helping you live boldly in a broken world

Helping you live boldly in a broken world

Helping you live boldly

Ministry Evaluation

I’ve been thinking over here at  And obviously it’s been some pretty quiet thinking — in other words, I realize you haven’t heard from me in a while.

Lately my thoughts have swirled around the theme of my blog and ministry:

Helping you live boldly in a broken world.

Is this what I’m really about? I’ve been asking myself if it’s an accurate portrayal of what I do and what I want to continue to do.

And I think it is.

Because brokenness is what we struggle with every day. I know I do.

How many times in the past week have I been at my wit’s end due to my own sinfulness, the impact of sin on my family, and the sorrowful effects sin bears on our world? I can’t even keep count.

But every time I get to the end of myself (which is frequently), I’m reminded to lift my head.

Where does my help come from?

And just typing that makes me want to shout Hallelujah!

A New Plan

So I’ve created a plan to share the boldness Christ offers us a little more frequently around here.

To start with, I want to draw our focus to the Lord:

Being as messed up as we are, there’s no other place to begin. I’ll share Scripture each Monday to lift up our eyes to the One who emboldens us.

Then we’ll take a look at ourselves:

The first Thursday of each month, we’ll take a look at life-coaching principles that help us understand who we are and most importantly, who God created us to be.

From ourselves, we’ll move on to our families:

The second Thursday of the month, we’ll talk about those most dear to us. I know how deeply sin and brokenness affects these relationships, so I’m looking forward to encouragement in this area.

Then we’ll reach out even further to our community:

We all struggle in our close circles from time-to-time, so the fourth week, we’ll talk about loneliness, friendship, listening well, church issues, etc.

And the final week of the month, we’ll think global:

These days we’re painfully aware of suffering around the world. How can we reach out with boldness as our brothers and sisters in Christ are persecuted? How can we reach the lost?


I’ve got to confess, I’m simply not a planner. Committing to a system goes entirely against my nature, so bear with me on this. I may indeed fail, but I’m going to um, boldly step out in spite of my brokenness!

Thank you

Thanks, faithful friend for being a part of this community. I’d love to reach and give you a hug! But since it’s not possible for us to connect face to face at the moment, would you drop me a line and just let me know how you’re doing? List a prayer request or a blog topic idea… anything! I’d love to hear from you.


The kind of life you really want

The kind of life you really want

If life to the fullest is possible, why are so few of us experiencing it?

We’ve heard about a life of joy, peace, abundance, and purpose. But honestly, for most people, it’s elusive. And they wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy or trick, because so far it’s just been a mirage, disappearing the moment they think they’ve arrived.

And if that’s your story, you’re right. You’ve been misled by a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He’s been conspiring against men and women since the Garden of Eden. Trying to convince each of us that life to the full will only come to those who reach out and grab it for themselves.

Look around. The whole world is doing it — sprinting toward the mirage of abundance, so certain that true joy is just a few steps further.

But let’s not fall for it! True and abundant life is being offered…

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Life to the fullest

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