Is “Mommy Media” making you a Hassled Homemaker?

Oh boy.

An issue the wives, moms, and homemakers of the past didn’t have to deal with… social media.

I would love to see the women of yesteryear featured on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! Can you even imagine all that we could learn from them?

But then again, they were so busy butchering chickens, hand-scrubbing laundry, ironing, and cooking every meal from scratch that they never would’ve had time to post step-by-step instructions complete with prize-winning photos.

Our beloved grandmas, great-grandmas, and those who came before them were chosen for a unique time, for special purposes and callings. We are too! But just like them, we need to use wisdom as we manage our homes, our families, and our lives. Thanks to the microwave, washers and dryers, and refrigerators, we cut hours off our responsibilities each day!

But do we lose all that time again on social media?

Join me over at Time-Warp Wife today (an amazing blog that you need to know about!) where I share about the hassle of homemaking and why we might need to rethink some (or a lot) of our “mommy media” time!



2 comments on “Is “Mommy Media” making you a Hassled Homemaker?

  1. I love this! My husband and I were married just over two months ago and 1 day after the honeymoon we turned off all social media-including the notorious ‘Facebook’ and glory be we have time to read books, actual books! I’ve read 3 since we went ‘offline’ (3 more than I’ve read the past 2 years?!!). This has freed up so much time we didn’t even realize we had wasted staring at our screens, we now enjoying staring at each other instead (a good trade!). I challenge the wives I know further than what you are, and go offline for 30 days and see what inspires them during those 30 days! Thank you Jennifer for your encouragement have a blessed day!

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