Deep cleaning where it matters most (And Women Living Well book giveaway!)

From where I sit at my desk, you’d never guess that I love order and beauty.

The pile of junk that sits to the left of my laptop did not accumulate overnight. Nor over one week.

I can’t even think how long this stack of papers (and books and movies and school pictures and printer supplies and a couple random plaques) have been here. So long that it feels normal.

I choose to ignore it.

After all, my bed is made, and the bedspread and pillows coordinate with the picture on the wall. If I want to see something lovely, I’ll just look over there and tell myself I’m a good-enough housekeeper and great decorator.

But far worse than the mess on my desk is the clutter that I ignore in my relationships with my husband and kids.

Do you do this? Tell yourself you’re a great friend? A serious artist? A wonderful employee or boss? All the while ignoring the growing pile of stuff in your family that so desperately needs sorting?

Again this weekend, I reevaluated my priorities.

I realized I’ve succeeded at maintaining the visible areas — my living room usually looks great — but I’ve neglected some hidden corners that my husband and kids experience on a daily basis.

Far too often I glance over the big picture of my house and declare things to be in order, when there is some deep cleaning that needs to be done. First in my heart, then in my treasured relationships.

How grateful I am for God’s grace and help — often in the form of others who challenge and hold me accountable.

Courtney Joseph has done just that in her recently released book, Women Living Well.

If you, like me, are ready to let God help you make a clean sweep in the most precious areas of your life, grab a copy of her book.

You will be cheered, inspired, convicted, and motivated. You will be challenged to love your Savior and your family afresh.

No matter what the level of your faith, your marriage, or your experience as a mom, this book will bring you practical encouragement.

I’d love to share a copy with you today!

To enter the drawing, just leave a comment below sharing one way you are (or will start) investing in your marriage and family.

And then let’s prayerfully tackle those piles of junk…

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6


14 comments on “Deep cleaning where it matters most (And Women Living Well book giveaway!)

  1. I want to read more books about marriage, read the Bible with my husband, and pray together consistently.

  2. I’m going to be more intentional about carving out time to spend one-on-one with each family member on a regular basis. I need to pray more faithfully with them and for them. I also need to be a better student of my husband & children — learning to speak their love languages and helping them to discover and nurture their gifts..

  3. Oh my, yes. This is an area in my heart & life I always have to be aware of. I tend to struggle with giving my time & energy away to people & things that don’t necessarily need it, while not investing as much as I should in the ones that do! My intentions are good, but my priorities sometimes aren’t. Thank you for the reminder to refocus on who truly matters & do some behind-the-scenes cleaning!

  4. The more I hear about this book, the more I want to read it! God’s been doing a clean sweep in my life for awhile and I am loving the changes!

    I would like to implement a monthly date night with my husband.

  5. Praying for the members in my family on a regular basis. Not just for their well being, but also for all the things I’m grateful for. In their character, the things they do, having them in my lives. This makes a huge difference in MY attitude.

  6. Wow! I could have written every word- except my bed is only made because my Husband does it each day! How humbling and convicting. I look right thru the clutter and do not even notice it anymore. How did I let it get so bad? My health has deteriorated since a hurricane changed my life 5 years ago and I have very little energy on most days. So that’s where I need to start. I will start investing in my family by taking better care of myself so I have the energy to give to them and take care of our household.

    • Wow, Denise, you have been through a lot. I think you’re starting in a wonderful place! Praying right now for God to empower you to tend your soul and body so you’re there for your family.

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