And here it is! “In a Sun-Scorched Land” releases today!

And here it is! “In a Sun-Scorched Land” releases today!

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Thank you, my dear blog friends for taking this journey with me!

As I’ve written the stories of God’s faithfulness to me, now releasing them in my memoir, you’ve been alongside me, cheering me on.

I want to cheer you on as well.  

I know you have your own stories of incredible struggle, perseverance, faith, and God’s grace.

You may not have an ending in sight yet. You may be in the thick of the stress or the pain.

Maybe you’ve made it through dozens of stories already, but today find yourself in yet another place of frustration. That’s how life seems to go in this broken world.

But I pray that you’ll read these pages I’ve written and find refreshment.

You’ll find distraction, for sure. (Ha!) You’ll find a struggling, weary woman getting caught up in some crazy, frightening, and hilarious situations.

You’ll find disappointment, cynicism, confusion, and surrender.

But most of all, I pray you’ll find evidence, once again, that God is completely able to carry you and every last burden you’re shouldering. 


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It’s a privilege to continue this journey… this walk of faith together with you!





What Warrior Moms Do

What Warrior Moms Do

Warrior Mom Arrows

You never stop moving.

Your work never ends, and your kids need everything you can pour out.

You already know what you do:

  • Nurture
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Teach
  • Discipline

On and on the list goes.

And when you forget why you’re doing it, what the purpose behind it all is, you grow weary.

I know I do.

But every little mundane part of your life shapes your kids.

They’re arrows.

And you’re the warrior.

Your calling is so much greater than just making it through the day; you’re in a battle.

Don’t underestimate the beauty and power of your role.

You’re a Warrior Mom.

Join me at The Better Mom for more on raising arrows.

*And don’t forget to claim your free Warrior Mom printable, designed by AmyJDelightful!



For weary moms of littles

For weary moms of littles

When I was in your shoes (and my babies were in diapers), I didn’t want to hear it could ever get harder.

Don’t tell me to enjoy these days. Don’t tell me they pass by before you know it.

And please don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong!

The good news is, I survived. My kids are increasingly independent, and sometimes I can sit down now.

The ironic news? I wish I would’ve listened to more advice.

No, I still wouldn’t want to hear this would be the easiest phase of parenting! But I do wish I would’ve applied a little more of the “Titus 2” older woman wisdom.

Join me at The Better Mom today for three things I’d like to go back and change if I could… three things we can all still work on.

Press on, weary moms!

Let me know if I can pray for you today.


3 Early-Motherhood Changes



Want to see the fruit of the Spirit in your son? {Praying for Goodness}

Want to see the fruit of the Spirit in your son? {Praying for Goodness}


Moms of boys, join me at the MOB society today, for a post on goodness, one of the fruits of the Spirit we long to see in our sons!

You’ll love the MOB (Moms of Boys) 21 days of prayer series as well as the featured book by Brooke McGlothlin, Praying for Boys: Asking God for the Things They Need Most

Praying God give you lots of grace with those boys today… 😉






Is “Mommy Media” making you a Hassled Homemaker?

Is “Mommy Media” making you a Hassled Homemaker?

Oh boy.

An issue the wives, moms, and homemakers of the past didn’t have to deal with… social media.

I would love to see the women of yesteryear featured on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! Can you even imagine all that we could learn from them?

But then again, they were so busy butchering chickens, hand-scrubbing laundry, ironing, and cooking every meal from scratch that they never would’ve had time to post step-by-step instructions complete with prize-winning photos.

Our beloved grandmas, great-grandmas, and those who came before them were chosen for a unique time, for special purposes and callings. We are too! But just like them, we need to use wisdom as we manage our homes, our families, and our lives. Thanks to the microwave, washers and dryers, and refrigerators, we cut hours off our responsibilities each day!

But do we lose all that time again on social media?

Join me over at Time-Warp Wife today (an amazing blog that you need to know about!) where I share about the hassle of homemaking and why we might need to rethink some (or a lot) of our “mommy media” time!



You (yes, you!) have been chosen

You (yes, you!) have been chosen

We women are masters at comparison.

Experts at believing what she does, who she is, what she has is so much better.

We tell ourselves what we do doesn’t matter much.

Who we are isn’t very important.

What we have is a pile of burdens that we’re not even equipped to handle.

And we begin to wish…

If only I’d been chosen for something more significant.

But, friend, you have been chosen. There’s a call on your life that only you can answer.

Click here to read more…

Dirt Road with Maple Trees in Winter at Sunrise, Fluffy Clouds

You don’t want to be stuck behind me at Aldi

You don’t want to be stuck behind me at Aldi

It’s true.

I can’t tell you how many questions about my family I’ve answered while in line to buy ridiculous amounts of food.

If you’d like the nutshell version of who eats all those groceries at my house and how God put us all together, click over to The Better Mom, where I share my story today.

If you’d like to help PAY for all those groceries, message me immediately… 😉