20 Answers (to those 20 questions I asked you)



A couple weeks ago I asked if you’d help me out playing 20 Questions, and you did.


I so appreciate each and every one of you who took a few minutes to share your thoughts with me. You are the best!

Here are the promised results to give you a better feel for who your neighbors are at jenniferebenhack.com.

1. What is your gender?
95% of my audience is female
5% is male

2. What is your age range?
46% of you are age 31-40
22% are 41-59
14% are 21-30
11% are 61-70
5% are 51-60
2% didn’t answer

3. What is your marital status?
95% are married
2.5% are single
2.5% did not answer

4. How many children do you have?
26% have 1 child
24% have 3 children
18% have 2 children
11% have 4 children
8% have 5 children
8% have 0 children
2.5% have 6 children
2.5% did not answer

5. What are the ages of your children?
The ages of readers’ children range from newborn to 41.
45% have elementary-aged children
32% have preshoolers
21% have children in their 20’s-30’s
21% have teenaged children
(*Those percentages don’t add up to 100 because most readers had more than one child.)

6. What is your highest educational degree?
46% have a bachelor’s degree
27% have had some college education
11% have a master’s degree
5% have a high school degree
5% did not answer
2.5% have a doctorate
2.5% have an associate’s degree

7. What country (and state) are you currently living in?
US States and Countries represented:
More than 10% each – Ohio, Kansas
5% each – Florida, Arizona, Texas, California, Georgia, Ontario Canada
Less than 5% each – United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa
Washington, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas

8. If you are a Christian, what is your denominational affiliation?
26% did not specify
25% are some form of Baptist
25% are non-denominational
12% are members of a Bible church
11% are Grace Brethren
11% are Assemblies of God
Other denominations making up the remaining percentage:
Roman Catholic
Missionary Alliance
Full Gospel
United Methodist

9. If you are not a Christian, what is your religion?
97.5% consider themselves Christians
2.5% consider themselves “pagan”

10. How did you first find out about this blog?
45% found this blog through another blog or website
29% began reading the blog because of friendship with Jennifer
13% found this blog through a Facebook link
8% found it through a friend
5% did not answer

11. How do you receive/read this blog?
66% percent receive this blog via email
13% receive it through RSS feed
11% visit the blog directly
8% read it only if they happen across a Facebook link
2% did not answer

12. Which blog posts do you most enjoy?
74% enjoy a mixture of topics
11% prefer personal stories
8% prefer reflections on what God is teaching me
5% prefer practical family advice

13. Have you read my ebook, “Take Courage”?
63% have not read “Take Courage”
34% have
3% did not answer

14. How many other blogs do you read each week?
42% read 1-3 other blogs per week
29% read 7-10 blogs per week
16% read 4-6 blogs per week
8% read more than 10 blogs per week
2.5 % read no additional blogs
2.5% did not answer

15. What do you most enjoy about the blog?
Answers varied… included honesty, transparency, encouragement, etc.

16. How has this blog helped you?
Answers varied… included encouragement, feeling I am not alone in my struggle, help with anxiety, etc.

17. How can I make this blog better?
Most did not answer. A couple mentioned posting more often.

18. How do you feel about the frequency of my posting?
71% believed the frequency of posting was about right.
16% thought I should post more often.
8% said they did not actually read as often as I posted.
5% did not answer.

19. Do you find this website easy to navigate?
95% said yes.
5% said they had some difficulty.

20. Additional questions/comments:
Many expressed kind appreciation for the blog. (Thank you!)

(*Percentages are based on 38 survey participants. That may not sound like a huge amount of people, but it’s not too shabby for a first-ever poll over here! We now know 38 times more than we did before the survey. Of course, next time I want to hear from the other 500 of you! 🙂 )

Thanks again, friends for helping me with this! It’s great to have a better grasp of who you are and what is meaningful to you. I’ve been so greatly blessed by your personal notes, both on the survey and in the comments sections when I post. It’s a joy to get to know each of you. If you haven’t introduced yourself to me in public because you’re shy, feel free to drop me a personal note at jenebenhack (at) gmail (dot) com. I’d love to meet you!


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  1. i just found this site, Im happy to have found someone willing to pour their heart out to us, I feel a connection to many of the mothers on the better moms site. thank you all for making a web site that makes me feel close. Im sure that theres others that are finding it a home..a place to read and share topics that help them be a better Christian mother. thank you

    • You’re so welcome, Nanci! We all desperately need encouragement in motherhood, that’s for sure! May God bless and strengthen you, my friend!

  2. I wanted to post but something in the survey system got in the way. Can’t recall now what it was. You should see IT about that! 😉

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